Parallel Paths

HER: My boyfriend has selective hearing. I’m sure every woman can relate – I’m often surprised to realize when he does listen to me but I generally know, especially when he’s watching TV, on his iPhone, computer, etc. that what I’m going to say goes in one ear and out the other. To be proactive in ‘Jason’s handicap’, I thought I would solve our little problem and create a shared Google calendar for us to track our mutual events.

I’m going on a Birthright trip to Israel in a couple of week. Originally, Jason and I discussed having a weekend in the city before I took off for ten days. But, plans didn’t match up and I ended up booking my flight to leave on a red-eye in a few weeks. The other day, Jason and I were discussing a common question: ‘what do we want for dinner?’ It was one of those nights when we were on the exact same page: a beer and a burger. Not just any burger – but Umami Burger, supposedly the best burger in LA and neither one of us had tried it.

So you can imagine my surprise, when on the way to get our delicious meal, Jason mentions that he booked his flight because his work ended up having the meeting that week. I immediately get excited because this means one more day to spend with my snuggle bunny. (J loves this term and I am using it in spite of the fact that he’s currently on thin ice for the following scenario). I’m thinking we will have the 5+ hours to spend together flying and then we’ll say our goodbyes before I head out. Apparently, I was wrong – there is one tiny detail that is missing…I’m flying on Delta…and Jason is flying on Virgin. Approximately five minutes after I leave, his flight leaves. I arrive at JFK and twenty minutes later, my favorite boyfriend arrives in JFK. You catch my drift here?

Like two ships passing each other in the night. Him – terminal three. Me – terminal five. Really? Really?? Anyway, Jason is set to fix this little issue tomorrow AM and let’s hope that he does because our early rendition of Your Way, My Way may be caput. Let’s get on to the eats, shall we?

Rose for her, Amber beer for him

J: Umami Signature Burger, C: The Greenbird

Dessert: Salted Caramel Ice Cream Cookie - holy yum!

Conclusion: Is Umami the best burger in LA? Only fair comparison is Father’s Office, if you can compare – but both are delish. Her way, his way? Her: I like the fact that Umami has choices in sandwiches (i.e. The Greenbird is a turkey burger). His: Her choice is invalid because a turkey burger doesn’t count as a real burger.

Like I said, he’s on thin ice.

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