I’ve been downgraded…

HIM: So yeah, I accidentally booked the NYC flight on a different airline.  (FYI, Me Virgin America. Her Delta. I think I got the better airline don’t you think?)  But it’s not because I wasn’t listening, I simply overlooked the dates. So as of now, we are leaving LAX 15 minutes apart and landing in JFK within 20 minutes of one another.  On the bright side, it’s a red-eye (i.e. there won’t be much talking anyways, right babe?) and plus I find this situation completely humorous, I chuckle every time I think about it.  Even though it’s still a sore subject to the gf…  oh well, can’t win every battle.

So what else is on my mind these days?  Well the stock market sucks, thanks to no large part done by the ideological differences in our government (poor people want more social assistance, rich people don’t want to pay more taxes… two seemingly common sense “duh” beliefs yet Democrats and Republicans debated for 3 months to reach that conclusion) and the idiotic credit rating agencies who, for all you finance historians out there, put us in the same plunging market back in 2008.  Chew on this for a second, S&P downgraded the US debt, aka the most secured financial instrument on the PLANET from AAA to AA+, yet back from 2002-2008, they gave the same AAA ratings to the crap CDOs that ultimately crashed our financial and real estate market.  Ironic isn’t it…  Anyways, this is supposed to be a food/adventure blog right?  So let me make a few suggestions for all the LA foodies out there as we recently discovered a few delightful gems.

1.) the sandwiches at Mendocino Farms.  Great fresh ingredients, soft & quality selection of breads and unique twists on classics.  It was SO good that after the first lunch, we went back again the next day and got the SAME sandwich.  My recommendation?  Try the pork belly with ciabatta bread and the orange cream soda on FOUNTAIN!

2.) Tofuya on Sawtelle.  A great little hidden gem that always draws a crowd.  And no, I’m not recommending it because I’m Asian, (I know you are thinking it… there are white people “caucasian” there too!  Plenty of them actually).  This place is great because it has unique flavors and cheap prices.  For around $10, you are ensured a delicious meal.  My recommendation?  Try the short rib and a side of the boiling tofu, and tell them to make it spicy.

Plenty of food at Tofuya

the Crab House on Pier 39... simply good

the best Lebanese chicken w/ the garlic sauce... just like the Curb episode on HBO

One thought on “I’ve been downgraded…

  1. I am a FAN! And I “think” I might have to go try some food outside the box after feeling the enthusiasm in your blog…I mean, maybe I am missing out. Why stop at Thai food:) Keep up the blog…It’s great! Can’t wait to read more.

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