Too many cooks?

HER: Generally, I’m a pretty self-aware person.  However, there are truths about myself that I choose to ignore/refuse to admit.  Cooking is one of them.  I would never call myself a bad cook…sometimes, I just…get…distracted.  And I tend to forget about an ingredient or two – my bad. What’s the big deal anyway?

I just need a sip of wine every now and then

Lucky for me, my boyfriend is an amazing cook. When we first started dating, we were cooking a ‘family dinner’ with his roommates.  J & his roommates was grilling delicious steaks and I decided my contribution would be sweet potato fries.  The boys had to run to Home Depot to get more gas for the grill.  My fries were in the oven and they left me to man the house while they were gone.  I decided it would be a ‘sweet  new girlfriend move’ to start cleaning the boys’ place, completely disregarding my task on hand.  Needless to say, we had sweet potato charcoal chips that night.

And that’s when J encouraged me to learn how to bake because “we didn’t need too many cooks in the kitchen”.

I’ve been determined to change my fate – I want to cook, I know I can cook.  And guess what friends?  With the following recipe, I totally redeemed myself.  Well, maybe not totally…but I think I’m getting close.

Baked Wrap Tilapia (recipe from Epicurious - click image for recipe)

If you ever need a new fish recipe, choose this one – it is delicious!  With the combination of spicy cilantro and the sweet maple syrup this makes a once-boring tilapia into one enticing fish.

Asparagus, mushroom, shallot, garlic stir fry

Combined with some of my favorite veggies, we had ourselves quite the Friday night meal.  As much as we love trying new restaurants, there’s nothing better than the satisfaction of creating something tasty and sharing it with those that you love.

Asparagus/mushroom, Yams (roasted plain), Tilapia with cilantro sauce

And that, my friends, is why you should always make room for another cook in the kitchen.

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