Heading to the Holy Land


HER: I thought this fortune was a fitting one to get last week after a delicious Dim Sum breakfast. I am, in fact, aboard the NJ train heading to the Newark airport. Destination: Israel! I am lucky enough to be going on the Birthrite trip (or as J jokingly calls it my soul mate meeting trip). I recall a similar feeling that I had prior to my semester abroad in Italy – unknowing expectations, excited, anxious, and feeling very fortunate to be able to experience such adventures outside of my normal day to day.

I’m looking forward to meeting cousins I’ve never met, connecting more to my family’s culture and background, and just soaking up every moment. I can’t wait. If I’m unable to blog while there, I promise to update you all (all=mom & dad) with stories from the trip, pictures and of course – good eats!

And as I schlep my luggage through the hot and humid train station, I dearly miss my traveling buddy but know I will see him soon. Much love, Shalom, Bon Voyage, let’s go!

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