I am not a Cow

Pre-requisite: Please read the previous kale post before starting on mine.

HIS: I don’t eat kale and I don’t refer to it as a person. I think it’s tasteless, no, it actually tastes worse than tasteless. No matter how many times the gf tries to trick me into eating it, I still believe that’s something meant for animals – regardless of how it effects my ph balance (the supposed benefit). The gf’s crazy obsession with this leafy green vegetable completely dumbfounds me, I just don’t get it.

I do however need to give Carly credit. She has really taken the healthy living and eating lifestyle to it’s fullest. She has become more aware of the products and foods we buy – though not going too crazy about it. She regularly exercises and maintains a good work life balance. It is a testament to her focus and commitment. Me, on the hand, takes a complete different approach. Like many, I work way too many hours and thus sometimes eating healthy or eating at all becomes secondary. Thus weekend dinners at good restaurants are my therapeutic relief. And though I thoroughly enjoy cooking as well, I haven’t had much time for that either unfortunately. But, I’m determined to change that and share my recipes with you. Starting w the first, coming in the next posting, Tofu and Shrimp.

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