Who do I think I am?

HER: So I’ve been a bit of a jet setter lately.  In the past month, I’ve woken up at 4am for a beautiful sunrise hike…

Masada, in Israel - a yoga pose sets the mood, doesn't it?

slept in a Bedouin tent with my group of 40+ as we were all gently awoken at 7am the next morning with a greeting of “uh, hey guys – if you want to get up, you have a camel ride scheduled in ten minutes.”  of course we do.

up & at em'

I’ve traveled to New York to spend time with family that I don’t get to see often enough.

My aunt & uncle's newest addition: Teddy

How cute is he? …looks can be deceiving.

I’ve gone back to the town that will always feel like home – the good ole’ ATL.  I spent time with my sisters, college friends, and basked in the sweet victory that I was in the South the one weekend of the year that it was 70 degrees and no humidity.  Hair = love.

My sisters (stephanie, allie) & one of my best friends Claire

Finished off with a week in Boston for an Internet/Tech conference (how nerdy am I?).  It was my first time in Boston so I was especially excited when two of my friends from my Israel trip picked me up and took me to all of the ‘must see eats’ in under two hours.  We delighted on

Stuffed clam & bacon-wrapped scallops

and I couldn’t leave without getting

mmm oysters

and of course

LOBSTER! (sorry a little blurry)

For now, my feet have been firmly planted on the ground.  That is…until this weekend. Stay tuned.

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