Hook’em Horns!

HIS: I love this time of the year. Weather is starting to cool, all of the holidays are inching closer and the ski season is right around the corner…but what I am most thrilled about is that football is back! (Side note: Carly is especially “thrilled”!)

In LA, USC dominates the football talk with UCLA running a distant second. I haven’t had many chances to go to a game since moving here, but when one of the big boys -Texas, came to play UCLA this past weekend – I just had to go. It was at the Rose Bowl and the burnt orange contingent showed up strong. It was so much fun to be back in that environment all over again. I just love college.

- wish we were still back in college

In any event, the game was awesome, and there was one thing worth noting. As we approached the stadium for early tailgating on Saturday, we were directed by traffic cops to pull our car onto a golf course. And I mean really driving on the fairway and greens. Since it was our first time there, we were a bit confused at first but then quickly realized that the stadium is surround by the course, and it becomes a parking lot on game days. How COOL is that? We literally parked right next to the 7th hole tee box. I guess this is just another one of those things that can only happen in LA. Needless to say, it was probably one of the most visually aesthetic pleasing tailgates that I’ve ever been to.

- Yes, they

As always some random FUNNIER thoughts:

– There’s nothing more amusing than watching a group of girls out at dinner ATTEMPTING to split the bill. For whatever reason, each feels the need to be exact right down to the penny and there’s absolutely no shame to even break out the calculator… “I only had the salad and water, and I flirted with the waiter so he gave me the extra low-cal dressing for free.  So with tip & taxes, I only owe $12 dollars and 46 cents”…

– I have a wonderful GF who just knows how to give a gift. Last year on Christmas, she gave me flying lessons in San Francisco, and for my birthday this year, she bought us a trip to go to SF. And this weekend, we are going up to SF for my flying lesson. I am so freaking excited!

– Women and fashion create such a fascinating combo. Just the other day, my facebook news feed was jammed with sorrow from women who missed out on the premier sale of Missoni at Target. I had no idea what it was at first, but upon investigation or rather I simply shouted “what’s Missoni?” in the office, I had an immediate education about the brand. To me, this whole craze is completely silly. If the Missoni originals are so expensive and exclusive normally, shouldn’t the Target version be considered a knock-off?

- knock offs now available at Target.

– A couple of congratulations to my buddy Matt S for almost tying the knot; Matt Z and Vinu on their engagements (no not to each other), and my boy Garrett having his first boy. Can’t wait to party with you all very soon.

- the old crew

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