A Birthday Surprise

HER: Here we are. Hanging out in the San Carlos Sky Kitchen awaiting our flight lesson over San Francisco. Yes, I am flying a plane.


Don’t worry, I’ve done this once before. J surprised me for my last birthday. I was terrified. But it wasn’t scary at all. It was beautiful and amazing and such a unique way to view the city we live in.


Just as I was starting to feel brave, our pilot asked us if we wanted to do a ‘zero G’ drop. ‘of course!’ Jason gleefully exclaimed. I was close to shoving him out of the airplane to experience this drop but I thought I would suck it up and live on the wild side. The pilot shut off the engine and we took a nose dive. It was one of the most surreal feelings I’ve ever had.

After that, I was feeling pretty proud of myself and laughed and took pictures as the pilot rocked us from side to side over Dodger stadium.


And then, it hit me. This wasn’t going to end well. I quietly found the little white bag the pilot jokingly showed us before we took off. My motion sickness took over and I proceeded to puke my life away in that little bag. Happy birthday to me.

And now, we embark on round two. Cheers!

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