Sunday Funday

HER: As much as I love traveling & having a packed, busy schedule, sometimes the best feeling in the world is to wake up on a Saturday or Sunday and have absolutely no where to be at a certain time.  Usually when J & I find ourselves in this glorious situation, the next question we ask ourselves is ‘what do we want to eat today?’.  It’s the center of our lives, folks.

Two Sundays ago, we found ourselves in this situation.  I couldn’t get Jenna’s red thai curry with kabocha squash out of my head.  It required a trip to Koreatown to a local Asian market & shockingly it wasn’t hard to convince my Asian boyfriend to make this trip out to East LA.

Just look at him here…like a kid in a candy store.

At any rate, we soon discovered what a gem these markets were…beautiful, fresh produce was everywhere.  And get this – when I checked out with three bags packed to the brim, my total came to $8.88.  Say whaaaa?! Have we been living under a rock? Why is this our first time here?

We skipped around with the goofiest grins on our faces.  One would have thought we won the lottery or something.  It’s the little things.

Moving on…for lunch, we stopped by a place we were meaning to try – the ‘real Tofu Ya’ (the Korean BBQ place J & I frequent weekly).  There were a few surprises as we sat down and were served our appetizers first.

Not only did I stick out at this place as pretty much the only non-Asian, but I proceeded to pose with my food. Standard.

Poor Little Guy...

I ended up getting my standard veggie tofu bowl & J got a crab dish.  Wow oh wow! It was spicy but the flavors were delicious!  So many different tastes happening at one time.

Back at home, later that night, we got to work in the kitchen.

Roast kombucha squash for 30 minutes at 400 degrees

Heat red curry paste over canola oil & mix with Coconut milk

Add in torn kaffir leaves, thai basil, fish sauce, & brown sugar.  Bring to a simmer.  Add red bell peppers, green beans, and tofu.  Jenna’s version calls for medium firm tofu but I prefer soft.

Taste test with your arm at a really awkward angle.

Serve over brown rice.  Success!  J&I loved this meal…it made so much I ate it all week! Now that’s my kind of Sunday Funday.

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