Running in the Rain

HER: Hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving!  Thanksgiving is personally my favorite holiday…relaxing, playing games, family, great food – what’s not to love? We had a wonderful holiday with some delish food – J will post his award winning recipe that’s quickly becoming a tradition in my family.  Anyway, I’m here to write about the other side of eating all of that food – motivation to burn it off!  I decided to challenge my mind, body and stamina a couple weeks ago when I ran my first 10k. Now I know that a 10k isn’t a huge distance, but it was the perfect amount for me – the perfect first race.

I worked up to running 5-6 miles (2-3 days a week), ordered a new Sweaty Band (can not recommend more!), hydrated and felt strong & prepared for the race.

True story.  Our favorite waiter at my cousin’s restaurant, Sol, dropped this off at our table because he was sick of filling up my water glass so often – we ate there the night before my race.

The next morning, I woke up bright-eyed and bushy tailed – luckily it just happened to fall on the day we gained an extra hour of sleep! I quickly got ready in all of my gear, headed down to the race spot, & posed for a series of dorky photos.

I gave J my jacket because I’m so paranoid about getting too hot while running – it makes me feel claustrophobic!  I plugged in my new running playlist on Spotify (love!), stretched a little, and before I knew it – waved goodbye to Jason & we were off!

I took off, jammed to my music, and tried to pace myself even though the adrenaline was pumping through my body.  I ran & ran & ran, thought ‘this is going to be easy as pie’ and then looked up and saw Mile 1.  Mile 1?! This is going to take longer than I thought.  Then I looked at my iPhone and realized only 9 1/2 minutes had passed.  Miles 2 & 3 ticked by quickly.  I spotted a woman at the beginning of the race and decided she would be my target.  I didn’t have a time goal in mind, I just decided I wanted to beat her and not stop running.  She pulled ahead and was a good distance in front of me in the beginning half of the race.

Then, it started to rain.  Slowly at first and welcomed.  Then, harder. And harder.  I turned the corner at mile 4, was running along the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) and it started to pour uncontrollably.  I’m talking, torrential downpour.  Not to mention, I was now running against the wind & couldn’t see anything. I was freezing!  What are the odds?  The one day it rains in SoCal.  In any case, I struggled and I thought about walking, but I pushed through.  I kept going.  Eventually, I spotted ‘my target’ and moved passed her.  I swear I was her target too because she kept up with me & was always in the corner of my eye.

Through the blur, I eventually saw the finish line and decided I was just going to go for it.  I used every ounce of strength left, pushed past her, and sprinted towards the finish line.

I didn’t even notice J standing there at the finish line in the pouring rain.  I’m kind of glad because he accurately portrayed the ‘drowned rat’ look I had going on.

I was really happy when I finished – had a huge goofy grin on my face all day.  I couldn’t help but feel so proud of myself!  I was also pretty impressed with my time considering the conditions – 1:05:23!

Thanks for letting me self indulge for a second.  Bottom line is – anyone can do a race, regardless of the distance.  It’s such a great way to motivate yourself, challenge yourself, and just have a good time.  (I swear I’m not an affiliate for races).  Tell me, what are you doing to motivate yourself in between all of the holiday meals?

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