Different Type of New Year’s post

HER: Hi friends!  Happy 2012!  Hope you all enjoyed the break and the holidays. Jason and I just got back from spending our New Year in DC.  We woke up this morning at 3:00am East Coast Time and made the trek back.  Take this for my forewarning message.

Standard tourist shot - incoming traffic included

At any rate, in the spirit of New Year’s resolutions, I thought I’d take a different spin on things and think back to the improvements, adventures, and tasks that I am particularly proud of in 2011 and hope to carry over into 2012.  Not that I can expect you to even care a lick about my self improvement theories but hopefully, it will spark you to think back on your own 2011 in that light.  I think we are all too guilty for thinking “I will start saving money”, “I will go to the gym 3x a week” and all the other shortcomings that we didn’t do that year.  While it’s good – and I’m a fan of resolutions – it’s also good to step back and say ‘hey self – you did a damn good job’.

Without further ado, I’m giving myself a big ole’ bear hug for the following:

  • Found a balance.  I switched jobs in April – which for those of you that know me, this was a huge deal.  Although I enjoyed my previous job, I had zero time or energy for anything else (let alone myself).  I’m loving my job now where I am challenged, have a 20 minute commute (vs. 90 min.), and have the desire to work out, cook dinner, and call a good friend. Big yay.
  • Stopped being such a scaredy cat for .2 seconds. I’m not an experienced skiier and am afraid of heights. After some coaxing from J & my father (and a lot of temper tantrums on my part), I realized it’s really not that scary if I just let go and trust myself.  Oh, and I flew a plane.  Twice.
  • This isn’t mine exactly but my parents moved out to Laguna (from GA) and started their own company this year.  To say I’m proud of them is an understatement.  Pretty badass if you ask me.
  • I took some incredible trips.  One in particular – Israel.  I learned that perceptions can be deceiving, sometimes I’m happiest when I unplug, and the world in fact will not stop turning if I don’t blow dry my hair (shallow but true).

All in all, 2011 was a pretty decent year.  It was filled with the good moments and the bad but I felt like it was a year of building some pretty important foundations for myself.  Hopefully you can look back and say the same.  If not, I guess I’m just a better person that you are.


In the spirit of all things ‘feel good/mushy’, I’ll close with this adorable video.  Google, you get me every time. Cheers, everyone – here’s to a happy and healthy 2012!

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