My thoughts on the cleanse…

HER: I was certainly apprehensive of this cleanse at first – especially the word.  Coming from a background of on/off diets, depriving myself of certain foods and social functions as a result, I almost felt that cleanse had a negative connotation.  I’ve always been intrigued by them but have been apprehensive to try it, especially with the criticism I assumed I would get from other people (i.e. why would you do a cleanse, you don’t need to lose weight, are you starving yourself, you’re crazy, etc.). After learning more about the Zrii cleanse and going on three work trips last month, I knew that this would be the perfect time to reset and recharge.
I couldn’t have been more right with my decision to choose Zrii.  This Zrii is NOT a starvation cleanse.  The cleanse provides AM and PM supplements  that are blends of Ayurvedic herbs, a detox oil, and a fiber powder.  The whole time you are on the cleanse, you are encouraged to eat whole, clean meals…no dairy, caffeine, alcohol, sugar, or white processed foods.  It was fairly easy to follow and I ended up doing it with a group of people (all linked together in a private Facebook group)  – this made it that much more beneficial and fun. I have NEVER followed through with something like this before!  I was so proud of myself.  For me, I think I’m feeling most of the positive results now that I’m off the cleanse.  I had an uncomfortable, bloated feeling throughout the week but I’m noticing that it’s going away as I’m weaning off the fiber.  Today I feel clear-headed, high energy/mood, and about a 4 lb. weight loss.  I feel fantastic.
Similar to others in the group, I learned some great takeaways:
-I don’t really ‘need’ caffiene, I just like the habit.  I made it this morning because I missed it and I couldn’t even drink it, nor did I want to.
-I used to always reach for carbs/sugar when I was starving. I learned that I can and will feel more satisfied if I pick something substantial like nuts/fruit.
-I don’t have to miss out on social functions – but I don’t always have to fully participate and that is OKAY. Twice I went with out with friends and there was alcohol/frozen yogurt involved.  I didn’t ‘participate’ in the activity but I was present and social and enjoying myself.  This was huge for me.
-Sugar is my worst enemy.  I strongly believe it effects my mood, other food choices, and energy levels.  This is the one I need to 85% cut out of my diet – I do LOVE sweets so I don’t think I can 100% cut it out but definitely for now.  I need to wean off of this more – I like to call it my ‘drug of choice’.
I would absolutely recommend this cleanse to anyone!

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